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Leave Your Phone at Home: 4 Holiday Destinations for a Digital Detox

December 30, 2016

It is often argued that today’s society is too connected. No one leaves home without his or her phone, and a few hours out of the office often means a few hours answering emails on the go. It is nearly impossible to disconnect from the digital world, even when on vacation. Or can we…

A number of hotels and eco lodges are promoting a tech-free environment. Often, guests are given the option to ditch their device, but other destinations are making it mandatory. If a digital detox is just what you need, read on to discover all the ways to find one.

Lapa Rios Eco Lodge

In the midst of 1000 acres of protected rainforest on the beautiful Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica is the Lapa Rios Eco Lodge. The 17 bungalows on the property are beautiful, yet simple. Designed to embrace the stunning surroundings, the sounds of ocean and rainforest flow through the open-air rooms.

It is the perfect place to leave the concerns of the real world behind, and the staff at Lapa Rios makes it easy to do. There are no phones, TVs, or in room Wi-Fi here. Guests are encouraged put their devices away and reconnect with nature, not emails.

Offline Portugal

Posts, tweets, likes, and shares. Like other parts of the population, backpackers are inundated with technology and social media. It is a way for long-term travelers to stay connected when away from home for a long period of time and an outlet to share and organize the many adventures. However, even social media superstars need to disconnect now and then.

Enter, Offline Portugal. Offline Portugal is a “digital detox” experience. The Offline Portugal house is located in Aljezure, Portugal, a part of the Algarve and just a short drive from Portugal’s stunning western coastline. At check in, guests also check their phone, laptops, and tablets into a secure locker for the duration of their stay.

Offline Portugal is all about a laidback environment, where days are filled with yoga and surf. There are so many awesome activities along the Algarve that it is easy to fly through the entire week without missing your devices.

Offline Portugal is designed with those on a budget in mind, but can accommodate all types of travellers. From backpackers, to families, everyone is welcome at this little piece of digital free paradise.

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

It is a five-hour drive from Vancouver to reach Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, which gives visitors plenty of time to think about how the next few days and nights may change their digital habits. Echo Valley Ranch & Spa wants their guests to do more than just disconnect, they want them to find a mentally reconnect with their physical surroundings. It is something we do too infrequently in these days of emails, text messages, and social media. Here, the mountains are calling, not your boss.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel has become a leader in small group trips and tours. The company leads over 800 tours each year. Over the years, Intrepid Travel has maintained the small group mindset, but expanded the types of trips offered to encompass every adventure and every type of traveller.

Most of the trips are traditional tours, but each year Intrepid Travel offers a number of tech-free trips. For instance, travellers can spend 10 days exploring the street food of Bangkok and jungle roads of Chiang Mai, Thailand without touching a device on Intrepid Travel’s Highlights of Bangkok – Digital Detox. Alternatively, spend eight, glorious, device-free days in India on the Golden Triangle – Digital Detox.

Intrepid’s tech-free tours are a great way to pack away the cell phones, while on the move. There is no need to worry about accommodation bookings or transportation timetables. Intrepid Travel handles all of the planning, so you can put away the phone without staying in one place.

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