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Latest Apps Available on Google Play Store While Traveling

June 23, 2017

With the development of technology nowadays, it’s impossible not to use your smartphone for recreational purposes, such as traveling. There are so many apps available that can be a tremendous help, saving both time and effort in helping you achieve certain tasks on the go. Keeping yourself up-to-date with what your application store has to offer in terms of travel apps helps you stay on top of your game, as you set off to your next destination.

Before you download any of these apps, make sure your Android phone is running well by installing an antivirus app. An app that does a great job at this is the AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android Security 2017​, which protects your phone from thieves, people snooping, spyware, and viruses. With your phone being one of the things you use most during the day, it’s good to safeguard it from harm. AVG AntiVirus does that for free!

As for booking airline tickets at great value, Skiplagged’s slogan says it all; it is the smart way to find cheap flights. Load the app up on your phone, type in where you want to go, and let the app do the work for you. It finds both connecting and non-connecting flights to vary your options to fit your preferences, such as travel time and ticket prices. It’s more comprehensive than usual booking sights because it also assesses and combines data from flights of other airlines that don’t connect, and lets you easily book with the tap of a finger.

Vegans and Vegetarians, rejoice! There’s an app out there that can help you find restaurants that fit right into your lifestyle. HappyCow is an app that shows you where all the best restaurants are at; based on different categories, such as restaurants that are purely vegan, purely vegetarian, restaurants that have veg-options, and stores that sell great veg goods.

Moving on to hotel choices – sometimes, you don’t need to stay an entire day at your hotel. Whether it’s for a private place to be romantic, a 2-hour nap, or a place to take a shower, you can rely on DayUse to show you which hotels around your area let you book for just a short while to get just what you need done. Not only do you get to accomplish your objective, you also do it at possibly 75% off original hotel price.

Now, this may not be the lasts app to hit the market, but it’s relatively new and helps you organize your itinerary for your trip. Google Trips is highly rated by its users, as it gets all your travel data through your Gmail account and compiles it in one little app, making it incredibly easy to access. No more sorting through your gallery for that screenshot of your confirmation number or ticket – it’s all there, in one file. Not only that, but it also suggests how to get around, places to go, things to do and eat in the area you’re visiting. The user interface is easy to understand, and works offline.

Hit the app store and download these travel apps, and you’ll be one step away from making traveling all the more convenient.





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