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Fun Things to Do on Oahu, Hawaii

June 21, 2017

If you plan to go to Hawaii for your vacation, – particularly Oahu, you may be thinking of what you’d want to do while you’re there to make the trip extra memorable. See, Hawaii is made up of a series of islands, and Oahu takes third place compared to the others, when it comes to size. It also houses most of Hawaii’s population (around 2/3 of it to be exact), as it holds Hawaii’s capital; Honolulu. Unless you plan on a literal staycation and going nowhere except your hotel room, there are a ton of activities on this part of Hawaii that you’ll truly enjoy.

Learn Something New

Vacation trips aren’t always for relaxing – they can be educational too. From wherever you’re staying, be it a hotel or Oahu beach house rentals, you can easily access the Pearl Harbor sites via a car. For around $40, you can have a full tour of these sites, including a visit to the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument. If you have any questions, answers will be well explained by your tour guide. There are also a handful of museums around the area, if you prefer going by yourself, or doing your own research about Pearl Harbor’s history.

After that, you can enjoy true Hawaiian culture by joining a Luau. Paradise Cove, for example, hosts traditional Hawaiian luaus all the time. Originating from the time of King Kamehameha II, luaus have played an important part in Hawaiian history, and they still haven’t lost their authentic flare. Though it now refers to an entertaining feast thrown by Hawaiians, the word “Luau” came from a dish that was often served in those celebrations; this dish was comprised of baked chicken, coconut milk and taro. Now, you get to enjoy what it has become; a party for all. Eat amazing seafood, down a Mai Tai, listen to great Hawaiian music, and watch fire performances, as well as hula dancers – all in one night.

Sun, Sand, Surf, Sea, and So Much More

Hawaii does have beautiful pristine shores that are divine to take a dip in. There’s a huge range of activities involving the ocean here. Surfing tops that list of activities. If you’ve never surfed yet, you can learn how to steady yourself on a surfboard by enrolling yourself in a certified Surf School. “Gone Surfing Hawaii” is one of the best surf schools out there, and can teach you important techniques you may have missed had you tried learning solo.

Otherwise, you can always rent surfboards around the coasts. Enjoying and relaxing in Hawaii’s beautiful beaches is a treasure (Kailua beach is impeccable), but if you want to see what else the true-blue waters of Hawaii has to offer, you can take a Wild Side Specialty Tour to try and see marine life firsthand – particularly dolphins, pilot whales, turtles, and fish by their coral reefs. Next, for a little less than $100, you can take a catamaran (a boat) from Waikiki, off to where all the island’s green sea turtles congregate. There, you’ll get to meet them, up front and personal. How? By snorkeling with them! Depending on which package you choose, they can also offer you a deli lunch.

Then again, some people prefer to stay above water, and speed through the surface of the sea. You can always take a sailing adventure with a group like Sail Makani, and you might even get to see a few dolphins. Now in case your idea of fun is going somewhere quiet with a few friends, having a beer and a dip in the water, then you should head for the quaint North Shore, and relax with the afternoon view in the coveted Sunset Beach.

Oahu: Home of Many Splendid Spectacles

Around the island are places where you can enjoy a good hike up to see a breathtaking view, one of which is the Diamond Head State Monument; which is a tuff cone (a crater caused by a volcanic explosion). The view at the end of the path is well-worth the climb, but getting to the top can be quite taxing to get to, so you best be in shape if you sign up for this activity!

Koko Head Stairs is another physically challenging tourist favorite that reaps you a glorious 360-degree vista of the East side of the island – only after treading up a thousand steps, nonstop. This marvel is found at Koko Head Park, which is in the South Shore of Oahu. The reason it exists is because troops used it to bring supplied that belonged to the military, constructing the steps out of wood and mud to ease the trek up. Be careful to go only when the weather is suitable, bring enough water, and wear the right shoes.

Historical and Cultural Lessons

Hawaii’s history still reflects on some of its buildings, such as lolani Palace, which was the residence of the previous monarchy that had built it in 1882 – siblings King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani. It has since been restored, with attention to every detail as to how it looked during that era. Technically, lolani Palace is the only palace that exists in all the United States of America.

Lastly, you can take a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center, where you can observe replicas of Polynesian villages. The cultural center sometimes host parades, theater shows, and luaus, exhibiting what life was like long ago in the islands of Hawaii. Here, you can also watch the staff show how Polynesian ancestors used weapons, made music with drums, ate, and lived hundreds of years ago.


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